Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Omega Protocol (Cade Korbin, Book 4) is Now Available!

Cade Korbin finally has more credits than he knows how to spend. He also has the alien entity known as “Alpha” and the power of the swarm on his side. Finally, things are going his way. Deciding to leverage his good fortune, Cade starts his own guild dedicated to hunting the galaxy’s crime lords and the corrupt authorities that shelter them.

Meanwhile, tensions are simmering along the border between the Alliance and the Coalition. A ceasefire was declared, but both sides are bitterly licking their wounds.

Cade’s plans are interrupted when he learns of a dangerous operation, code-named The Omega Protocol. Alpha has already warned him about “Omega,” an entity from the future whose only goal is to cause chaos and destruction.

In order to stop The Omega Protocol, Cade must cut a deal with the very enemies he sought to eradicate. Together, they must act quickly before Omega can be unleashed and usher in a dark age the likes of which the galaxy hasn’t seen since the Priors mysteriously disappeared.