Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Second Encounter - Ascension Wars #4 (The Series Finale) Now Available!

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Comes the stunning conclusion of the Ascension Wars series...

With a fragile peace established in the Enclave between humans and Chimeras, both species must learn to put aside their differences to ensure their continued survival. But racial tensions are simmering just beneath the surface, ready to explode.

Meanwhile, Clayton and Samara’s daughter, Dora, might be the answer that everyone is looking for: her immunity to both strains of the Chimeran virus could soon lead to a cure, making it possible to establish new settlements beyond the Enclave.

Mysteriously, the Kyra’s reinforcements never arrived to blockade and quarantine Earth. Clayton worries that it’s because the Kyra are losing the war to the Chrona. He’s no friend of either side, but the Kyra might actually be the lesser evil. He wants to take the Enclave’s stolen transport beyond Earth to learn what’s going on. Yet, when Clayton learns of a sinister plot within the Enclave that directly threatens his family, he’s forced to execute his plans early.

With old enemies lurking in the shadows, nothing goes as planned, and little does Clayton know, the revelations waiting beyond Earth are far more shocking than he ever could have imagined…

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Final Days: Escape is Now Available!

The secret of their new home has been revealed.
Now there’s only one thing left to do…
Andrew and Kendra have learned what’s on the other side of the ridge, but it leaves them with more questions than answers. Their colony has turned into a dictatorship under the thumb of its delusional self-appointed leader, the Reverend, making their lives a living nightmare.

With a plan in place, and help from their new allies, the group plans to sneak out of the colony and make contact with their new neighbors.

But nothing in Eden is ever as simple as it seems.

Join Earth’s remaining survivors as they struggle for freedom and learn the truth of why they were really saved.

Final Days: Escape is the stunning conclusion to the epic new series by Jasper T. Scott and Nathan Hystad.

Also available on Audible, narrated by the award-winning Ray Porter (We Are Legion, Galaxy's Edge, 14).

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Final Days: Colony - Now Available!

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Earth is gone. Eden promises a new start for mankind.
Kendra, Andrew, and the other survivors arrive with Lewis Hound’s chosen people at an unfamiliar planet with more questions than answers: how did they get there? Where did all of the advanced technology come from? And is this really Proxima B Centauri?

The colony ship breaks into sections and makes an emergency landing amidst a meteor shower, and Lewis Hound, Eden’s enigmatic leader, goes missing.

Despite their misgivings and the initial chaos, people soon settle into a routine in the fledgling colony. But a growing number of suspicious circumstances lead Andrew and Kendra to doubt what they’re being told, and they begin to think that there might be more dangerous predators about than the ones on four legs.

With new friends and old adversaries, they struggle to find the truth behind a growing web of deceit.

What is beyond the forbidden mountain ranges that surround the valley where they landed? And where is Lewis Hound?

Final Days: Colony is the second book in an epic new series by Jasper T. Scott and Nathan Hystad.

Also available on Audible, narrated by the award-winning Ray Porter (We Are Legion, Galaxy's Edge, 14).

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

My Latest Book, Final Days, Has Just Been Release! Get it for 0.99 Until June 22nd.

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 Final Days

The countdown to the end of the world has begun.
A mysterious convergence of natural disasters threatens to destroy life as we know it, and people across the United States are going missing. With no one left to investigate, Special Agent Kendra Baker takes the case, trying to solve the disappearances before she’s out of time.

Among those abducted is Valeria Miller, the daughter of ex-Marine Corporal Andrew Miller, and he’ll stop at nothing to find her.

With the help of an unstable conspiracy theorist, they find themselves on the trail of a reclusive billionaire who just might have all the answers.

As the natural catastrophes escalate and the evacuations commence, it becomes a race against the clock to find the abductees before it’s too late.

Final Days is a doomsday science fiction thriller, written by Jasper T. Scott and Nathan Hystad.

Also available on Audible, narrated by the award-winning Ray Porter (We Are Legion, Galaxy's Edge, 14).

(And Read for FREE With Kindle Unlimited)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How have I been passing my time in self-isolation? With interviews!

Talking about life, writing, and everything in between with bestselling military thriller writer, James Rosone: https://youtu.be/wrh_QGO4Nok

Talking with bestselling sci-fi author Scott Bartlett about my latest book, live: https://app.belive.tv/12820/guest

Monday, March 16, 2020

Now Available! Occupied Earth (The Sequel to First Encounter) (Ascension Wars Book 2)

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Now Available!

Captain Clayton Cross and his crew encountered the Kyra, an advanced race of avian carnivores. They fled this first encounter, but the Kyra beat them back to Earth by almost a century.

Earth lost the war in just a few weeks. Our cities burned, and billions died. After we surrendered, the Kyra helped us to rebuild, but on their terms, confining us to city centers and building high walls to keep us in.

The Kyra indoctrinate our children and encourage them to ascend through a virus that turns them into Chimeras. These hybrids are sent to fight the Kyra’s enemy, but only half of all ascensions are successful. The failures become Dregs, left to wander the Wastes as mindless predators.

Determined to oppose the Kyra any way he can, Clayton is working with the human resistance, and now they have a plan that will either put an end to the occupation, or to us...

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