Saturday, August 27, 2022

Now Available - Worlds Collide!

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Mysteries abound in the new world: who are the so-called architects that built the Menagerie System? Why are people being brought to Novus, and why is no one allowed to leave?

With dozens of new arrivals appearing by the day, the abductees must hurry to organize themselves if they are to defend against the many dangers on Novus.

Meanwhile, trouble is looming on Earth. With the discovery of Planet B’s healing water, superpowers are racing faster than ever to colonize the new world.

Little do they know, someone is coming to colonize the old one—and not for any of the reasons they might think.

Worlds Collide is the sequel to the bestselling post-apocalyptic thriller, Planet B, by Jasper T. Scott. If you liked Under the Dome by Stephen King, or the Maze Runner by James Dashner, then this book is for you.

Now Available - From Beyond: Signal!

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The Signal is on Earth. The world is being infected.
David Bryce returned in a crashed starship, but his mission was unsuccessful. He’s sent to Alaska with his family, but the infection has already begun. When he finds an alien device, he might just be able to change the course of an impossible war.

The Signal is hidden somewhere on Earth. The race is on to find it before the invaders do, but an insidious ailment is spreading across the globe, making it difficult to know who to trust. Lennon Baxter leads a Dark Team, hunting the Stalkers as they seek to congregate. But what is their motive?

Atlas Donovan is the only man capable of helping the Association, and it’s unclear whether he can trust the enigmatic Dark Leader. He heads to the Amazon jungle to search for the Signal, the fate of the world in his hands.

Signal is the epic follow-up to the hit book, From Beyond, brought to you by the bestselling author duo, Jasper T Scott and Nathan Hystad.