Friday, May 25, 2018

Broken Worlds (Book 3): Civil War is Now Available!

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Now Available!

Darius vaporized the Cygnian home world to end the war before it began. It didn’t work.

Little does he know, he's been played for a sucker from the start. Terrible as the Cygnians are, there is a more ruthless enemy manipulating the Union to tear itself apart in a bloody war between the Revenants and the Cygnians.

Darius is surging up the ranks in the Revenant fleet, winning victory after victory, but they're all hollow with his daughter, Cassandra, frozen in cryo and no way to safely wake her. 

As the war draws to its bloody end, the puppeteers behind the conflict appear and reveal that they also hold the strings to Cassandra's fate. Darius must deal with the Union's real enemy and make a horrific choice: either save his daughter, or save the galaxy.

Get it From Amazon Now!