Monday, March 26, 2018

Broken Worlds (Book 2): The Revenants is Now Available!


The Deliverance is low on fuel and stranded in the middle of a war zone. Tanik Gurhain claims to have relinquished his hold on the crew, and yet they’ve all mysteriously elected him as their rightful leader, anyway.

Blake is back to his skeptical self, and alarm bells are going off in Darius’s head, but with no fuel and the Eye of Thanatos blocked by increasingly tight Cygnian patrols, it hardly matters who suspects Tanik of foul play. He has a captive audience for the next phase of his plan. With the artifacts he stole from the Crucible, he’s going to test the crew for viable candidates and then train them to become Revenants.

Tanik claims that he is raising an avenging army to defeat the Cygnians and the USO once and for all, but there’s something about Tanik’s agenda that doesn’t quite ring true. Darius suspects there’s a lot he’s not telling them, and that much of what he is telling them are lies.

As the truth emerges, the lines between right and wrong and friend and foe blur until everything seems gray. Darius is forced to make a horrible choice that could change the fate of the entire galaxy forever.

No matter what he chooses, one thing is certain: Tanik was right--Darius really is the key to everything.