Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dark Space Universe (Book 2): The Enemy Within is Now Available!

Now Available, and discounted from 3.99 to 0.99 until August 27th!

Lucien, Garek, Addy, and Brak are all that's left of the Inquisitor's crew. Eight years ago they left the Etherian Empire aboard the Astralis with three hundred million scientists to learn the true nature of the universe, but now Astralis is surrounded by a hostile race of alien slavers, called the Faros, while the Inquisitor's crew has been forced to abandon ship and flee to parts unknown.

Lucien and his crew are trying to find a way to rescue their people, but they don't have a ship, and they don't even know where to look, let alone how to fight back against a seemingly innumerable and invincible foe.

Meanwhile, Abaddon, the leader of the Faros invaded Astralis for a reason. He has a plan, and it's time to execute it--along with everyone who stands in his way.