Thursday, May 4, 2017

Website Design Updated & Dark Space 7 Coming May 10th!

You may notice I've just updated the design of my website. It now has a cleaner, more professional look that will hopefully make it easier to navigate. Most notably the collage of my books at the top of the page is now an infinitely scrolling list, with each cover clickable.

Also, I've added a "Jasper's Books" page with all of my books listed in their suggested reading order.

And last of all, Dark Space Universe (Book 1) / Dark Space #7 is done and set to publish on May 10th. My advance readers all love the book and think it's a great standalone addition to the Dark Space series. It's probably closest in style to the TV series Star Trek: Enterprise, but it covers a very unique storyline--something I've never seen done in Sci-Fi: a journey to the cosmic horizon and beyond.

If you're looking for a series that focuses less on action and more on exploring the outer reaches of space, then you've found it with Dark Space Universe.