Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Excelsior Now Available for Pre-Order *Discounted $1.00 While Pre-Orders Last*

(*1.00 Discount for Pre-Orders. Equivalent price and discount applies for non-US customers).
Release Date March 31st

I know I said the beginning of March, but my wife was recently hospitalized due to complications with her pregnancy. Thankfully all is well so far, but I'm adding a few extra weeks to the release date so that I can be here for her in the hospital.

As for the book, it's looking to be a very good story with a nice twist. It is a standalone book, although there's room for a sequel, and I am planning to write one. By popular demand the swear words in this book are not euphemisms as they were in Dark Space, and the science is much more evident throughout. This is a hard science fiction novel, but stylistically still a great fit for anyone who enjoyed Dark Space.

I hope you all enjoy the book!

All the best,