New Frontiers (Book 3): Exodus

Exodus (New Frontiers Book 3)

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With androids in control of Earth, and humans relegated to colonies on Mars and the outer planets, tensions are rising, and war looks inevitable. Looking for a way to escape the looming conflict, Alexander and Catalina de Leon board the Liberty with 70,000 other colonists on a voyage to Proxima Centauri, but it’s going to take them nine years to reach their destination, and a lot can happen in nine years. As the trip progresses, everything that can happen does, and what was meant to be a monotonous voyage becomes a fight for survival against mysterious forces that threaten not only the passengers and crew, but the entire human race.


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  3. The book is worth reading!
    I'll tell my dad to buy it for me !!!
    I'll read it on the weekend by listening to an RvsB song using the speakers that Phai Eng bought for me!
    Thanks for the post!

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