Dark Space IV: Revenge

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Humanity has just won a major victory against the invading Sythians--the first victory in the history of the war. The savage Gors have joined forces with Dark Space, and now for the first time since the invasion, it looks like the tide is turning.

But the Sythians weren’t defeated. Humanity just bloodied their noses. Now they know where Dark Space is, and they are coming back for revenge.

Admiral Hoff Heston is secretly terrified of what’s coming, but he’s lulling people into a false sense of security. He needs to buy time. The people of Dark Space are not as alone as they think.

Avilon, a lost sector of humans, has remained hidden and untouched by the Sythian invasion. No one knew they even existed, except for Admiral Heston. Now he must send a mission to contact them and get help, but what humanity finds there will change more than just the course of the war against the alien invaders. . . .

It will change the very nature of their existence.

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  1. As per your special offer at the end of DS IV, here is a copy of the review I just posted to Amazon. Can't wait to get into "V"!
    Thanks - J Pritchard (Also posted this to your FB page) Love your series!

    "Just finished with Dark Space 4........ Jasper T Scott has managed to hold me captive from the first page of the first Dark Space book right up until five minutes ago when I finished his fourth offering.
    He has created characters that I've come to "know".....that I can relate to and to whom I have gotten quite close. His verbiage is unique, lifelike.....and likeable. He makes it easy to put yourself into the scenes he creates and to blend into his environments along with his good guys....and not so good.
    I'm waiting with bated breath for the 5th installment and will hold my imagination open and ready till it's on my Kindle and readable.
    Good Job!!! Do I and would I recommend this series of SyFi books? A RESOUNDING YES!!!"

    1. Hello there, Judy! I believe I replied to you already a long time ago, but if not--I'm two years late! Sorry about that. I'm going to change my settings so that my website alerts me to new comments via e-mail. I'm guessing you've long-since taken me up on my offer ;), but if not, let me know at JasperTscott@gmail.com

      Best Regards,

  2. Excellent book. the entire series have been great cant wait to read next book.

  3. Enjoying reading this series. Very well written. Real page turner.

  4. just read book 3. Interesting book. Better, I think, than the first two - although the end comes to rather an abrupt finish. Nice concept about the 'bad guys' and a couple of fun twists thrown in along the way. In all, this was an enjoyable read and I look forward to the next one.