Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dark Space II: The Invisible War Now Available!

Ethan Ortane has just met his long lost son, Atton, but the circumstances could have been better. After a devastating bio-attack and the ensuing battle, they’ve fled Dark Space aboard the Defiant to get away from the crime lord, Alec Brondi, who’s just stolen the most powerful vessel left in the fleet, a 5-kilometer-long gladiator-class carrier called the Valiant.

They need reinforcements to face Brondi, but beyond Dark Space, the comm relays are down, and they are low on fuel.

With Brondi behind them, they can’t go back, but Sythian Space is fraught with entire fleets of cloaked alien ships. They can’t leave the last human sector in the galaxy to the crime lords, so they must cross Sythian Space in a damaged, undermanned cruiser with no cloaking device. Making matter worse, trouble is brewing aboard the Defiant, dropping their chances of survival from slim . . . to none.


  1. Hey Jasper, thanks for writing theese awesome books! I've read your two dark space books in 4 days and I just have to ask, is there an estimated release date known for the third book? :-)

    Meanwhile, Im going to check out your other books. Keep up the good work!

    Greetz from Belgium, Mathias

  2. Bueno, now that you left me hanging, when do you propose to fetch myself and your readers off this nasty hook you have impaled us with?

  3. Sir
    Thank you for an excellent book. I have become hooked on the story and can not wait for more. Best wishes from Sacramento California

  4. OK, now that I got through the AMAZON bots. let's get to it. What fuel do your star ships use? Why do the Gor eat humans? I am being kind. I am a technical writer myself. The Gor are people in World of Warcraft. Good grief! Gor was a hiccup in a man's mind back in the 60's! Bondage, and female domination? John Norman was great at lashing women in his books. With that done, great work sir. We are now between galaxies. In the vacuum of space, with no real supplies of anything. Great. Lets start up the reactors again with Iron pyrite, and lash those hippos to proxima centarius
    (Nearest star I know of. red dwarf).