Friday, August 20, 2021

Arrival Now Available! Get it for 0.99 Until September 5th!

 Arrival (The Kyron Invasion, Book 1)

($1.99 if you buy the Kindle Edition first)

($1.99 if you buy the Kindle Edition first)

2150 AD: Chris Randall just lost his job as a bodyguard. That night, after picking up his wife, Bree, from her shift at a local casino, he breaks the bad news.

Moments later, thunder cracks the sky, but there’s no lightning. Flaming debris rain across the valley, and a dark mass goes sailing out of the clouds, headed straight for LA.

It’s not one of the Union’s starships, because they can’t defy gravity like that. But then what is it?

The answer chills both Chris and Bree to their cores: it’s an invasion.

They have to pick up their kids and get away from the city. But the Randalls soon discover that nowhere is far enough away to keep them safe.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

New Release!

Paragon (Cade Korbin Chronicles, Book 3)
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Cade Korbin is playing for keeps this time. If he doesn’t find a way to eliminate Nadine Zabelle once and for all, she will be the death of him and everyone he cares about.

Armed with a suit of armor from the long-dead Priors and a mysterious sample of sentient, self-replicating nano bots, he accidentally discovers what killed the Priors—


But Nadine isn’t an easy woman to reach, and she’s determined to break Cade along the way.

Meanwhile, the galaxy itself is under threat from a savage swarm of replicating machines, and a fight over the alien Gateway that was built to keep the swarm in check is fast drawing the galaxy into a violent war that could end billions of lives.

But the shocking truth of what lies beyond the Gateway could spell the end for everyone else. Ultimately, Cade will have to choose between using his newfound power to save the people who matter most to him, or saving the innocent multitudes who will die if he doesn’t intervene.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Alien Artifacts, the Sequel to The Bounty Hunter, Now Available! Also, Get the Audiobook of The Bounty Hunter

Alien Artifacts (Cade Korbin Chronicles, Book 2)
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On his last job, Cade Korbin lost his ship, lost his credits, and barely escaped with his life, but it’s not over. His enemy is still out there, nursing a decades-old vendetta that has yet to be quenched. Making matters worse, his guild is coming after him for breaking their rules.

Cade desperately needs credits and somewhere to lie low for a while. To that end, he takes a job on an uncharted world, code-named Nexus, with his new partner. The mission is to rescue a team of missing researchers and to recover the alien artifacts they went searching for.

But Nexus proves to be even deadlier than its Class Five hazard rating would suggest, and Cade soon realizes that he’ll be lucky to escape with his life, let alone accomplish the mission.

Yet there is a danger on Nexus that goes far beyond hungry alien monsters: a terrifying menace has been waiting there for untold eons to emerge.

And Cade Korbin is just about to unleash it.

The Bounty Hunter (Cade Korbin Chronicles, Book 1) -- Audiobook Now Available!
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Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! My Latest Book, The Bounty Hunter, is Now Available!

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Cade Korbin became a bounty hunter because he knew what it was like to be hunted. What he didn’t know was who he’d end up hunting.

When it suited the Coalition, Cade was a Paladin, a member of their elite special forces. He did their dirty work and cleaned up their messes. Until his dark ops went public, and Cade was drummed out of the service with a dishonorable discharge. As if he’d ever been doing anything but following orders.

Forced to the fringes of society by his service record, Cade broke the law just to survive. Then the Enforcers caught him, and he served his time. Sick of the hypocrisy in the supposedly utopian Coalition, he crossed over to the other side and made a life among his former enemies in the Free Systems Alliance. Now he hunts the galaxy’s worst lowlifes, for a fee, and the only orders he takes are his own.

But when his past catches up with him, Cade is forced to fight for more than just credits…

This time, he’s in it for revenge.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Second Encounter - Ascension Wars #4 (The Series Finale) Now Available!

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Comes the stunning conclusion of the Ascension Wars series...

With a fragile peace established in the Enclave between humans and Chimeras, both species must learn to put aside their differences to ensure their continued survival. But racial tensions are simmering just beneath the surface, ready to explode.

Meanwhile, Clayton and Samara’s daughter, Dora, might be the answer that everyone is looking for: her immunity to both strains of the Chimeran virus could soon lead to a cure, making it possible to establish new settlements beyond the Enclave.

Mysteriously, the Kyra’s reinforcements never arrived to blockade and quarantine Earth. Clayton worries that it’s because the Kyra are losing the war to the Chrona. He’s no friend of either side, but the Kyra might actually be the lesser evil. He wants to take the Enclave’s stolen transport beyond Earth to learn what’s going on. Yet, when Clayton learns of a sinister plot within the Enclave that directly threatens his family, he’s forced to execute his plans early.

With old enemies lurking in the shadows, nothing goes as planned, and little does Clayton know, the revelations waiting beyond Earth are far more shocking than he ever could have imagined…

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Final Days: Escape is Now Available!

The secret of their new home has been revealed.
Now there’s only one thing left to do…
Andrew and Kendra have learned what’s on the other side of the ridge, but it leaves them with more questions than answers. Their colony has turned into a dictatorship under the thumb of its delusional self-appointed leader, the Reverend, making their lives a living nightmare.

With a plan in place, and help from their new allies, the group plans to sneak out of the colony and make contact with their new neighbors.

But nothing in Eden is ever as simple as it seems.

Join Earth’s remaining survivors as they struggle for freedom and learn the truth of why they were really saved.

Final Days: Escape is the stunning conclusion to the epic new series by Jasper T. Scott and Nathan Hystad.

Also available on Audible, narrated by the award-winning Ray Porter (We Are Legion, Galaxy's Edge, 14).

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Final Days: Colony - Now Available!

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Earth is gone. Eden promises a new start for mankind.
Kendra, Andrew, and the other survivors arrive with Lewis Hound’s chosen people at an unfamiliar planet with more questions than answers: how did they get there? Where did all of the advanced technology come from? And is this really Proxima B Centauri?

The colony ship breaks into sections and makes an emergency landing amidst a meteor shower, and Lewis Hound, Eden’s enigmatic leader, goes missing.

Despite their misgivings and the initial chaos, people soon settle into a routine in the fledgling colony. But a growing number of suspicious circumstances lead Andrew and Kendra to doubt what they’re being told, and they begin to think that there might be more dangerous predators about than the ones on four legs.

With new friends and old adversaries, they struggle to find the truth behind a growing web of deceit.

What is beyond the forbidden mountain ranges that surround the valley where they landed? And where is Lewis Hound?

Final Days: Colony is the second book in an epic new series by Jasper T. Scott and Nathan Hystad.

Also available on Audible, narrated by the award-winning Ray Porter (We Are Legion, Galaxy's Edge, 14).

(And Read for FREE With Kindle Unlimited)