Dark Space VI: Armageddon

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On Avilon Not Even the Truth Will Set You Free . . . 

The Real Enemy is Within
  Omnius has been hiding a lot from the people of Avilon. The war with the Sythians is not what we thought, but that raises the question: if not the Sythians, then what did Omnius go to fight in the Getties Cluster?

Humanity is Being Held Prisoner
  Omnius knows what people will do before they do it. He predicts citizens' behavior, and some suspect, he even makes those predictions come true. For those who wish to be free of his influence, Avilon's lowermost city, the crime-ridden, shadow-filled Null Zone is the only option, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that not even the Nulls are free, and there is a more sinister reason behind The Choosing than the one Omnius gave.

  As Omnius's predictions begin to come true, Ethan Ortane realizes he could lose the one thing that matters most to him in the universe--his family.

There is a Rebellion Stirring
  Far from Avilon, the Sythians are hiding out in the neighboring Getties Cluster. Out there they discover something that wasn't supposed to exist: a group of human rebels that escaped from Avilon. Their leader, Therius, seems to raise more questions than he answers, but he has a plan to defeat Omnius that just might work.

And the End is Drawing Near
  As Therius's plan unfolds, people realize the terrible truth: he can't win by conventional means, and he knows it. The alternative is called the Armageddon Protocol, but it could mean the end of everything, not just Omnius. . . .

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Goodreads reviews for Dark Space (Book 6) Armageddon


  1. I reviewed book 5 and you said I'd get book 6 free. But it's not out yet. Will you contact me and send it when it's released. Damn I really was hoping to read it tonight. Guess that's not going to happen lol. I'm a physicist maybe I can help ha!

  2. Hey there, Kimberly. So long as you used your review to sign up for the free books mailing list, you should get your copy even before the book is published. Not long to wait now! A physicist? Interesting. I don't include much real science in this series, but for the parts that are meant to be realistic I would certainly appreciate it if you point out any of the issues you spot. Feel free to e-mail me with anything you spot!

  3. I believe I did the review of the last book...when would I receive this final one?

  4. Never mind...I found it in my email. Reading now! Thank you very much.